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Good Evening! Please see the information provided by the Office of the Onondaga County Executive. The information is developed and provided by the Onondaga County Health Department and the NYS Department of Health. For more information please click here. 

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Open to all, St. Mary’s School is a nationally accredited school dedicated to providing a Catholic education, fostering academic excellence and spiritual growth.  We are a school family committed to be the light of Christ through service to others.

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We accept new students throughout the school year.  Our doors are always open for you to come and see what we are all about.  If you would like a tour or if you would like your child to shadow for a day, please call 607.756.5614 to schedule.

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Hello St. Mary's School Families,

Our plan for the NYS Department of Health can be found HERE.  Thank you for completing the surveys that helped us with that part.  Our plan for the NYS Department of Education can be found HERE.

Many of you are asking questions and here is what I can tell you now.  Our capacity is allowing us to be open for all currently registered students, every day with reasonably normal school hours.  Some classes may be split and some may be moved to a larger classroom that can accommodate  that many children with proper social distancing.  All health mandates will be met, if not exceeded, in effort to keep students and staff safe.  Finances will not be a determining factor over safety.  Parents will have the option of keeping their children home. Plans will be developed for them.  Additionally, a solid distance learning plan is being developed should we be directed to return to complete distance learning., with teacher and family requirements, as well as a great deal of professional development for the staff in the remaining weeks of summer.  This format will not likely be a live stream of the classroom all day.  This type of model would not be the best for families that have multiple children or children that are ill and are not able to view the live stream.  There are many facets to consider and we are doing just that.  

Please be prepared to respond to another survey regarding our distance plan.  The turn around will be very quick.  Again, the plan will be shared with you, after it is submitted to the state.  

Rest assured that St. Mary's School will have an option that works for your family.  We know what a great responsibility this is, we know your fears and concerns and we are preparing to make the very best out of this unprecedented reality.

God bless,

Denise Hall