Student's Clubs & Sports
Student's Clubs & Sports
Students at St. Mary's can choose to be a part of several in school and extracurricular groups. Many of our students play on teams sponsored by the Cortland Youth Bureau as a school.  Some activities may require a registration and fee.  If any of these activities interest you, stop in the office to find out more today!
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FOOTBALL:  Cortland Youth Bureau sponsors the Small Fry Football League in Cortland. 

BASKETBALL:  We have both boys and girls basketball teams affiliated with St. Mary's and the Cortland Youth Bureau. Boys in grades 5&6, and Girls in grades 4, 5, 6 participate. 

STUDENT COUNCIL:  This group is led by Mrs. Hendriks, and members are elected to the positions each year in the classroom. There are 2 student representatives per grade, and students may only serve one year on the council. Council members do community service, and support many projects within the school.

DRUG QUIZ TEAM:  Seven sixth grade students are selected annually to participate in the quiz team.  Team members study a considerable amount of material, and practice answering questions under pressure.  They have a chance to compete at a local, regional, and state level each year.  The advisor for this club is Mrs. Hall. 

CHESS CLUB: Fifth and Sixth grade students comprise the chess club.  Students share their love of chess and competition.  The school advisor is Mrs. Guido.

GIRLS ON THE RUN:  Open to girls in grades 3-5, students train to run in a  5K race together.  This activity focuses on health and wellness in all areas.  Formation of this club is determined yearly.

SKI CLUB:  Run by the Cortland Youth Bureau each winter, students are transported once a week from school to Greek Peak.

DANCE INSTRUCTION:  Mrs. Hartman offers dance instruction for boys and girls of all ages in the school cafeteria two afternoons a week.  

BOOK CLUB: Open to boys and girls, this club meets once a week with Mrs. Cohen and Mrs. Case.

GREEN FORCE: An ecologically conscious group that recycles paper and plastics from each classroom weekly, they also promote a composting/recycling program each day at lunch.