Cortland Youth Bureau sponsors the Small Fry Football League in Cortland. 

The Cortland Youth Bureau offers boys and girls basketball to St. Mary's students. The John Tobin League is the new format this year. According to what town you live in, you have to register through your own Youth Bureau. (ex. Cortland residents register through the Cortland Youth Bureau). DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS OCT. 25

This group is led by Mrs. Hendriks, and members are elected to the positions each year in the classroom. There are 2 student representatives per grade, and students may only serve one year on the council. Council members do community service, and support many projects within the school.

Seven sixth grade students are selected annually to participate in the quiz team.  Team members study a considerable amount of material, and practice answering questions under pressure.  They have a chance to compete at a local, regional, and state level each year.  The advisor for this club is Mrs. Hall. 

Fifth and Sixth grade students comprise the chess club.  Students share their love of chess and competition.  The school advisor is Mrs. Guido.

Open to girls in grades 3-5, students train to run in a  5K race together.  This activity focuses on health and wellness in all areas.  Formation of this club is determined yearly.

Run by the Cortland Youth Bureau each winter, students are transported once a week from school to Greek Peak.

Open to boys and girls, this club meets once a week with Mrs. Cohen 

An ecologically conscious group that recycles paper and plastics from each classroom weekly, they also promote a composting/recycling program each day at lunch.

P.E. Club:

Students will learn to demonstrate responsibility and leadership in educating the minds of others, promote positivity, and build a clean and healthier community. 

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Student's Clubs & Sports
Students at St. Mary's can choose to be a part of several in school and extracurricular groups. Many of our students play on teams sponsored by the Cortland Youth Bureau as a school.  Some activities may require a registration and fee.  If any of these activities interest you, stop in the office to find out more today!
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Student's Clubs & Sports

All activities are on hold due to Covid-19